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About YDS Skills Training

YDS Skills Training offers a wide range of business and technical courses geared towards helping your workforce thrive in today’s tough economic climate.

Our Vision

YDS Training aims at providing a personal service to our clients. This helps us build a working relationship with our clients, which will allow us to provide a business solution that complements our clients’ needs.

By doing so, our clients will be empowered to overcome all the challenges they may be facing in an effective manner.


Our Values

  • Reliability, Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, and Confidentiality

Our Mission and Objectives

  • Disseminate strategic business intelligence through face-to-face and video conferencing.
  • Communicate products which combine International and local conference content.
  • Deliver business information of high value – adding quality solutions for our customers
  • Integrity & professional ethics in all our business transactions.
  • We strive to be the industry’s premier provider of the highest, most up-to-date information.
  • Our goal: A strong commitment to client satisfaction through high-quality, well-researched conference products and an expert speaker panel.

Affiliates: SABPP

SABPP is the HR Professional body and statutory quality and standards body for the profession in South Africa. Our HR training CPD points come from for all HR related courses and workshops.

As an internationally recognised profession, Human Resources is at the heart of the implementation of the HRD strategy for South Africa. This strategy exists to improve skills in the country so that people and the economy as a whole succeeds.

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